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31 May 1977
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This livejournal contains the entries of various plot-device characters created for X-Men Movieverse, a MOO roleplaying game based on the first X-Men movie.

If you are running a plot or GMing a scene that you would like to post here, please feel free to ask staff for the password. Appropriate uses of the [info]xmm_plot LJ include:

- Information for ongoing plots, such as briefs, evidence, plot communications, etc.
- Large-scene logs centered around the faction and the job it does (rather than 'social' logs)
- Scenes that are significant to a plot
- Scenes that you GM or run
- Other things we did not think of!

Note that all 'large-scale' communications, such as memos, should be posted in the X-Men Movieverse community.

Some posting guidelines:

- Use a descriptive subject
- Include the name of all characters who participated in the scene in the tags
- Use pre-existing descriptive tags when appropriate - ie 'brief', 'briefing', 'combat'
- Tag entries with the mission code name